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What's going on here?

Hey Dudes, I sure love making art! I've been making art for as long as I can remember, and it's certainly evolved over the years. The aesthetic I am going for now I refer to as "Nickelodeon on Acid"—vibrant, high-energy pieces that showcase sophisticated nuance against whimsical delight. There’s a lot of influence in my artwork from growing up in the ‘90s, drawing from the bright, colorful TV shows and video games of my childhood. So, don't be surprised to see a nostalgic Easter egg or two in many of my pieces!

Another major component of my current aesthetic is I love to put as many of my own characters, symbols, and lore into my works as possible. I feel like this adds an additional depth of symbolism to the pieces that, even if the viewer doesn’t fully understand their intended meaning, the love and attention I’ve given the piece still shines through.

This site is a way for me, Zackery Chapman, to share the vibrancy and love that I’ve put into my work, and to support myself so I can continue to explore and create artwork that challenges and resonates with people.

Note: Please be patient (1-2 weeks) with orders, as I am an indie creator who is wearing a lot of hats!


If you need clarification on something, help with an order, or another art related inquiry please contact me.
Paint Party inquiries please write "paint with Zack Zack Zack", and your name in the subject bar.

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