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Warning!!!! This is a World Championship/ Gold boarder card.


Heads up!!!! On the "Back Side" the card has a couple creases on the right side of the card. I do not belive it is noticable with a sleeve on, but it is something to be aware of before purchaseing. 

Grim Monolith World Championship - Extended #2

  • All cards are hand painted on an official Magic the Gathering World Championship card purchased directly from They are painted with thin layers of acrylic paint and sprayed with a light coat of protective varnish. Each card comes in a clear Dragon Shield Perfect Fit sleeve tucked inside an Ultra PRO Toploader along with a signed certificate of authenticity.

    Each card is packed securely in a corrugated cardboard mailing box, so one can feel confident that every bit of care was taken in both the creation and shipping of the Alter! 


    From start to finish, I’m here to provide the highest quality Alter a dude could ask for!

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